You Are Not Above Trash Duty

I started writing this article weeks ago and a conversation I had with a local winery owner totally validated my thoughts for the piece. It’s a pretty awesome feeling when an expert inadvertently tells you you’re on the right track. I asked Doug Fabbioli, owner of Fabbioli Cellars, after an industry event if he had any advice for a newbie … Read More

Why I Started Another Blog After Failing [Twice]

Ah, failure. It loves to rear it’s ugly head, and the fear of it can paralyze the best of us. “Fail” is a nasty four-letter word, and if an expert read the following post, she might say I should have been kind to myself and picked another descriptor. Maybe it’s not accurate to say I failed: I bailed, quit, surrendered, whatever … Read More

Audio Book Battle: Ambrosini vs. Sincero

So you’re thinking about switching careers, but maybe you’re not feeling so confident. Do you have one of those nagging voices in the back of your mind telling you there’s no way you’ll pull off your next goal? I think many of us struggle with the beast that is negative self-talk at some point, and sometimes all we need to push … Read More

The eBook is HERE!

I’m so excited! This is by far the biggest project I’ve undertaken lately and seen through. My eBook Uprooting: Strategies for Successful Career Transition is now available for free right here on The Vineyard Apprentice! Now that I finally have a sense of direction, this is the year I’m committing to taking the first steps toward the rest of my career … Read More

Best Resources for New Bloggers

If blogging is your chosen project to help build your expertise and prepare for your career transition, you’ve some to the right place. Maintaining a blog is definitely a lot of work, but if you are up for the challenge there are lots of great resources to help you get started quickly. Some experts adhere hefty price tags to their guides and … Read More