(Oh, and you love to drink wine, too?)


I’ve experimented with so many different career paths: restaurants/bars, retail, social media branding and coordination, proposal coordination, WordPress customization, event planning, operations and logistics, blogging … the list goes on if you include all the little side hustles I dreamed and schemed about.

I kept looking for the perfect role in an industry that would make me truly happy, but I wasn’t even sure what that was — and I definitely wasn’t sure how to get there.

Sound familiar?

I thought it might, so I wrote a little something for you.

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The Vineyard Apprentice is a career transition blog and resource hub for anyone seeking a perfect pairing of “passion + profession.” Is it obvious yet that my passion is wine? 🙂

In my personal journey, pairing passion and profession means combining my writing and marketing skills and applying them to my happy place: the wine industry.

Your perfect pairing probably looks completely different.

The thing we have in common is that we both want to utilize our skills we already have in an industry that will make us truly happy.

My goal is to provide valuable and actionable content that helps you draw parallels between our experiences and apply strategies I’ve found successful to your own situation.

Wait, a minute! The name of your blog is The Vineyard Apprentice … I thought we were talking about wine!

Well, we are — kinda. Let me explain.

You might ask yourself why I would combine two seemingly unrelated topics on a single site.

The information discussed on the main blog is applicable to anyone interested in career transition, personal development, or professional development — regardless of your target industry.

I am in the process of building a wine-content portfolio to support my own career transition, and I’ve included it as an example for you. Taking on your own projects to build expertise in a new area of specialization is a great way to assist your transition.

The ebook really explains it all. It contains overall strategies for successful career transition that can be applied to any industry but many examples are based upon my experience infiltrating the wine industry.

Throughout most of the Vineyard Apprentice content we’ll be sipping and chatting about wine while we work, because, well wine not? [#sorrynotsorry]

Let’s work together to avoid the many pitfalls of figuring out how to get where you want to be. … what are you waiting for?